NOVA BRICK is a specialized brick company that offers bricks in all colors, shapes and sizes.

We have over 500 brick models available to our clients in Serbia.

NOVA BRICK is unique because we have large crews for installing bricks.

We can offer a whole package with installation to our clients, with gurantees that the job will be done according to quality and technical standards.

We have exclusive partnership with Belgium brick factory NELISSEN who is our biggest supplier

NOVA BRICK distributes only 100% natural raw clay bricks. Our bricks are fired at extremely high temperatures, so that products have improved technical characteristics. We DO NOT use any brick imitations made out of cement, silicate or other non-natural occuring materials.

We have in our offer:

  • facing bricks
  • thin bricks
  • pavement bricks
  • adhesives for gluing thin bricks
  • joint fillers in all colors
  • special profiled aluminium nets for thin brick installation
  • special EPS and XPS thermal insulations for thin brick installment
  • specialized crews for installing thin bricks/facing bricks/pavement bricks

NOVA BRICK material is used both on facades (because of high durability of the products) but also in interior as decoration. Together with our exclusive Belgium partner NELISSEN we have decided to offer low prices for Serbia to promote growth of green material.

Our bricks come in all possible natural occuring colors such as: black, white, gray, red, yellow, orange, pink, brown and everything in between. We have formats ranging from very small ones such as 190x50mm, to standard formats such as 215x65mm or 240x70mm, as well as extremely long formats such as 500x40mm. All our bricks are enviorementlay friendly as the only material used is clay and minerals fired at temperatures above 1000 degrees Celzius.

Some of our bigger projects in Serbia are: Hotel Fruške Terme in Vrdnik, Loznička 8 in Belgrade Vračar, and Park Šumice in Belgrade Voždovac. We are especially proud of numerous family house projects that we did, as these type of clients present a special joy for us.

You can visit our showroom in Matoševa 6, Belgrade,  where you can see over 150 models exhibited in real time. We also have a one of a kind TV monitor where you choose and play with your favorite bricks and change brick and joint color and sizes and mix them.

We are looking forward seeing you at SEEBBE!