Informations for Visitors

22 – 24. april:

Working hours

10:00 – 19:00

25. april:

Working hours

10:00 – 17:00


  • Single ticket: 500 RSD
  • Business ticket *: 3,000 RSD
  • Group ticket **: 300 RSD
  • B2B registered visitors
  • Car parking (per hour): 200 RSD

* Business tickets

Packages for business guests by which you may have the following facilitations:

  • The entry ticket for all show days;
  • Registration and business profile creation for the access to the database and online meeting appointment (B2B Talk);
  • Access to the Business Lounge (Hall 1 Gallery) – free Wi-Fi, hot and cold refreshment, the place for brief business meetings, assistance in the meeting appointment, computer and printer use.

Should you be interested in this package, please contact:

** Group tickets

A group visit understands arrival of at least 20 persons.

For the group ticket purchasing, the persons list, with their full names, sealed by the company’s official seal and the authorized signature shall be submitted.

Payment shall be made directly to the cashier or to the bank account.

For the proforma invoice obtaining, please contact:

  • Tel: + 381 11 2655 853
  • You may collect your tickets from the Fair CASHIER OFFICE:
    Head Office, office 34
    Tel: +381 11 265 58 20