”Mašinotehnik” Trstenik works in production, service and repair of devices and equipment for sandblasting. The most popular products from our offer are portable blasting machine with overpressure and remote control and machines for closed-circuit abrasive blasting.

Our special offer is portable blasting machine with overpressure NP-250S of 350kg of abrasive remote-controlled, which is easy to transport and suitable for street work. Thanks to the overpressure, the abrasive gains high speed and achieves an exceptional effect in cleaning various surfaces from corrosion, old paint and other elements.

The NRP-360pro is blasting machine for closed-circuit abrasive blasting and it works on blast recovery system, keeping the blast area clean. Blasting and simultaneous media recovery allows the abrasive to be reused. The machine is mostly used by stone carvers to write text on marble or granite.