WDC d.o.o.

WDC d.o.o. is a company whose primary goal is to provide clients with ready-made solutions in the field of visual communications. At the 45th International Building Trade Fair, a special stress will be laid on building marking, i.e., labeling.

They offer markings across all fields, such as markings for safety, business companies or advertising. They are distinguished by complete assembly solutions, which include various decorative caps for bolts, spacers, hooks, steel wires, board holders, etc.

Apart from the above mentioned products, they also offer universal frames, holders and stands of various dimensions for notification purposes inside the buildings, magnetic whiteboards, LED display with programming capability, LED strips and multi-purpose modules. Moreover, WDC d.o.o. also offers a range of decorative elements such as table lamps, illuminating ball lights, cubes, etc.