Klima BG Solutions

Klima BG Solutions doo Company will present several new product lines at the 45th International Building Trade Fair.

They have developed their own KMB brand in two directions – KMB Dry Solutions will present all solutions to controlling excess moisture during construction (moisture elimination over the course of final construction works, as well as over the course of pipe cracking etc.), whilst KMB Heat Solutions will present IC panels as the future of heating/space furnishing. These panels represent a switch from the conventional heating method to future heating method. Apart from higher degree of energy consumption, they also boast one of the most important interior design elements, occupy minimum space and as such they make the area look homey and comfy.

A heating element, that will be presented for the first time in Serbia, i.e., is a mirror that displays a weather forecast and provides information to user about current weather conditions. This product is more than interesting to anyone who equips hotels and other hospitality industries.

They also import, sell and render repair service of humidity control devices of the most famous European manufacturers such as: FRAL, CORROVENTA, NEMAXX and TROTEC. Furthermore, they provide design development services and implement commercial CAC systems.