WDC d.o.o.

WDC d.o.o. is a company whose primary goal is to provide clients with ready-made solutions in the field of visual communications. At the 45th International Building Trade Fair, a special stress will be laid on building marking, i.e., labeling.

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Vanas d.o.o. Company

Vanas d.o.o. Company Belgrade operates as a limited liability company, and as such it is engaged in wholesale and retail, it provides construction materials and services – craft works in construction (assembly, installation, installation of wall claddings and floor coverings, etc.).

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Hydromag d.o.o.

Hydromag d.o.o. Company was founded in 2015 in Paracin and is the leader on the Serbian market in the field of sales and repair service of hydraulic elements. At the end of 2015, the company started with the production of mini excavators weighing up to 800 kg.

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The company specializes in design development, production and distribution of all types of formworks and building systems for concrete elements implemented in both building and civil engineering. Its main activity is rental and sales of aluminum equipment for casting of walls, slabs, columns, bridges and foundations. Alumlight provides a unique combination of design engineering services

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