Hydromag d.o.o. Company was founded in 2015 in Paracin and is the leader on the Serbian market in the field of sales and repair service of hydraulic elements. At the end of 2015, the company started with the production of mini excavators weighing up to 800 kg.

Mini-excavators are specialized in construction, agriculture, landscaping of green areas, excavation of underground systems and much more. The excavators are of Serbian origin and are produced in Paracin in cooperation with Hydro Mag doo, a French leader in the field of hydraulics and AXPAN Pro, a French design engineering team.

AX36 + mini excavator was the best-selling excavator model in 2017 and 2018 with an export of over 200 units.

It is equally suitable for professional and home use, therefore sales relate to both legal and natural persons. The engineering team designed the machine hand so as to ensure excavation force for equal excavation of different soil types. In view of many experts, every large household or farm should be in the possession of one such excavator, as it replaces and exceeds the strength of three physical workers over the course of digging. Its best feature is easy transport by a trailer or a van due to its specific weight that does not exceed 700 kg complete with its accompanying equipment.

Comparison with other excavators:  
The AX36+ excavator falls into the category of semi-professional excavators primarily due to its weight, and according to European legislation it is important to classify it not only into the construction, but also into agricultural machinery. This is important information as farmers can submit programs to certain funds that can help them co-finance machine purchasing. AX36+ does not fall into the category of professional excavators, but it is important to note that it meets all technical standards and standards for use under professional conditions, especially at companies that strictly control health and safety at work principles (for instance, AX36+ model is used in steel plants). The excavator is fitted with: rotation, reverse alarm horn, siren, safety belt, roll bar, night light, working hours counter. . .

Hydromag d.o.o.

Maximum depth at which a professional excavator of 1.2 t digs is 180 cm, whereas AX36+ digs at a depth of 130 cm. The fact that the latter weighs only 650 kg should be taken into consideration.

All potential customers will be allowed a test drive.

 Components that make you feel safe:

  • Briggs & Stratton XR2100 USA Drive Engine
  • BLB Italy Hydraulic Distributor
  • M+S Italy Hydro Motors
  • Mini-Top Italy Crawler Excavators
  • Hydromag France Hydraulic Pump
  • Manuli Italy Hydraulic Hose
  • Oleodinamica Italy Hydraulic Valves
  • AKG Germany Hydraulic Cooler
  • MP Filtri Italy Oil Filtration System