As an exclusive representative of Anhui Heli  in Serbia, HELI viljuškari Group d.o.o. Beograd Company was established in 2008.

Their goal is to offer economically justified solutions for the purpose of rendering logistics services, manipulation and inland transport, as well as to meet clients’ requirements.

HELI viljuškari Group

In 2018, HELI VILJUŠKARI GROUP d.o.o. Company ranked fifth in the number of imported and sold forklifts in Serbia.

They offer:

  • Diesel, gas and electric forklifts of various load-bearing capacities at exceptionally favorable prices
  • Warehouse equipment for manual pallet trucks, electric pallets, glass
  • Connection devices – clamps, supports, load rotators, side shift systems
  • Repair servicing in both warranty and outside warranty period, spare parts and other consumables
  • Option to buy forklifts through financial leasing
  • Possibility to rent forklifts on a daily, weekly and monthly basis

ANHUI HELI GROUP is one of the fastest growing companies in the field with an annual production of over 50,000 machines for lifting and handling cargo. It exports its products to more than 80 countries around the world, and on the European market it has recorded a steady sales growth.