ICONIC by ELVIAL, with its unique design and even higher performance responds fully to the new trends in architecture and meets the needs of the global market.

More specifically at SEEBBE 2019 ELVIAL will present ELVIAL W77 AI2 with flat rail and blind sash and the opening ELVIAL W77 AI2.MIwith a co-planed appearance from the inside, a minimal look in the middle of the second sash and the ability to apply astragal bars.

For another year, the sliding MINIMAL Look with a discreet but powerful outline around the window, of only 35.5mm, will be presented in the striking 4m dimension and will catch the eye of all the visitors during the show.

In addition, the two doors of the XCLUSIVE 88 Series will impress with their aesthetics, imposing dimension and unique technological details such as the touch code pad.