The company specializes in design development, production and distribution of all types of formworks and building systems for concrete elements implemented in both building and civil engineering.

Its main activity is rental and sales of aluminum equipment for casting of walls, slabs, columns, bridges and foundations.

Alumlight provides a unique combination of design engineering services for all engineering needs in the field of formwork systems, as well as consulting and expert assistance service.

RASTA aluminum wall cladding

RASTA is lightweight and solid modular formwork, available in various sizes.

This formwork is highly efficient, saves work and time and reduces the cost incurred by the Contractor.

The formwork weighs around 23kg/m2, which is 45% less compared to steel formwork.

RASTA formwork is followed by a complete set of accessories such as couplings, struts, crane hooks, fences.

It can sustain a load of up to 60 kn/m2.

We are also offering a new ALU DECK model of ceiling aluminum formwork.

Steel towers

Designed to support ceilings at different heights. A load bearing capacity of each column totals 4.5 tons, whereas a load bearing

capacity of one tower totals 18 tons.